CPS – CAD Professional Systems je postao deo familije MSC Software kao partner grupacije za region!
MSC Software je vodeća kompanija u oblasti simulacionih software-a, čiju tehnologiju koriste vodeći proizvođači za linearnu i nelinearnu metodu konačnih elemenata (FEM), akustiku, interakciju fluidnih struktura (FSI), multi-fiziku, optimizaciju, zamor i izdržljivost, dinamiku povezanih tela (MBD) i simulaciju kontrolnih sistema.

Izašao je Creo 5.0!

Budućnost projektovanja se menja. I Creo 5.0 je jedini 3D CAD softver koji može da vas odvede tamo. Sada možete biti prvi koji to vide.

Sa Creo 5.0, ne morate više da pravite pretpostavke. On vam daje snagu IoT (Internet of Things) da projektujete zasnovano na činjenicama i realnosti, i simulirate okruženje sa većom tačnošću nego ikad.

Čak i više, Creo 5.0 daje vam krajnje AR funkcionalnosti, tako da možete da delite vaše ideje u punoj meri jednim klikom. Ni jedan drugi 3D CAD softver ovo ne radi.

Nemojte čekati. Budite među prvima koji vide Creo 5.0 u akciji.

Ovo je projektovanje kakvo bi trebalo da bude. Ovo je Creo 5.0.


Izašao je Creo 4.0!

CREO 4.0. Budućnost dizajniranja proizvoda od vodećih 3D CAD inovatora. Sada možete dizajnirati pametne, povezane proizvode i iskoristiti nove tehnologije, kao što su aditivna proizvodnja i proširena stvarnost.

Svet dizajna proizvoda se menja sa uvođenjem uzbudljivih, novih tehnologija. Da bismo vam pomogli da zgrabite prilike, Creo 4.0 uključuje revolucionarne sposobnosti u aditivnoj proizvodnji (Additive Manufacturing), Internet of Things, definiciji zasnovanoj na modelu (Model-Based Definition) (CSE) i proširenoj stvarnosti (Augmented Reality). Sada možete dizajnirati brže i pametnije, jer digitalni modeli su povezani sa fizičkim proizvodima. To je dobitna kombinacija: novi Creo 4.0 alati zajedno sa brojnim ključnim poboljšanjima za podršku dan-po-dan produktivnosti.

Kreiraj, dizajniraj i inoviraj sa Creo 4.0/.



New Apps Further Enhance PTC’s FlexPLM® Retail Product Lifecycle Management Software

PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced the availability of Tech Pack Access App, its first role-based app for FlexPLM 11, the latest version of its product lifecycle management (PLM) solution for retail, fashion, footwear, apparel, and consumer products.

Role-based apps improve the user experience by getting the right product data and on-point features to more stakeholders—faster, easier, and in context with the work they do every day. The first of several planned app releases, Tech Pack Access provides vendors with access to product specification data, such as bill of materials, measurements, construction details, and imagery. Finished goods manufacturers can quickly view critical product data without delay, enabling better accuracy, collaboration, and efficiency during product sampling and production. Generation capabilities allow users to maintain product integrity and reduce costly errors.

“With Tech Pack Access, we’re seeing the continued evolution and maturation of FlexPLM 11 to allow retailers to rethink the way they develop products and work with suppliers,” said Quach Hai, senior director, retail product management, PTC. “For example, this app makes it possible for a vendor to easily retrieve the latest construction details for a garment without even having to leave the shop floor. FlexPLM 11 provides product development and sourcing departments access to the same, updated information, allowing them to work in parallel and reduce the overall time to-market.”

FlexPLM 11 and its role-based apps are integral components of PTC’s retail journey, a roadmap for organizations to achieve a season-less, personalized, and transparent future. The retail journey entails three steps:

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PTC Joins 3MF Consortium as Founding Member

PTC’s industry-leading Creo® CAD software offers capabilities designed to streamline additive manufacturing, enabling users to remove uncertainty and rework from the process, and allowing them to go from concept to validation quickly and easily. With Design for Additive Manufacturing, PTC provides a single environment within its Creo product suite that enables users to design, optimize, prepare, and validate designs for 3D printing.

“PTC is committed to bringing visibility of manufacturing capabilities to the design engineer and streamlining the overall design-to-3D print process,” said Paul Sagar, vice president, CAD product management, PTC. “This is a shared vision with the 3MF Consortium, and we look forward to collaborating with fellow industry leaders to make this a reality.”

“PTC joining the 3MF Consortium is yet another important step toward the goal of developing a viable, end-to-end, global additive manufacturing solution,” said Adrian Lannin, executive director, 3MF Consortium. “PTC is well-known for its innovative technology platforms and solutions for the Internet of Things, and they will become an important contributor to the 3MF Consortium.”

The 3MF Consortium was formed to close the gap between the capabilities of modern 3D printers and outdated file formats. The 3MF specification eliminates many of the problems associated with currently available file formats, resolving interoperability and functionality issues, and enabling companies to focus more on innovation. The first version of the 3MF specification is available now for download at no charge.

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PTC to Offer Enhanced Internet of Things Solutions to the Enterprise with VMware

Complementary Solutions Combine to Accelerate Time to IoT Business Value

NEEDHAM, Mass. and LAS VEGAS – August 31, 2016 –– PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced from VMworld® 2016 that VMware has joined the ThingWorx Ready program and will position the ThingWorx® Internet of Things (IoT) platform along with its new innovative IoT solutions to create new offerings as part of its IoT strategy. PTC plans to work with VMware to combine VMware’s proven history in device management capabilities with ThingWorx components to enable IoT solution builders to accelerate time to market and create business value. PTC and VMware will demonstrate new combined technology offerings at VMworld 2016.

The ThingWorx Ready program allows participating companies to build or offer products or services compatible with ThingWorx to help accelerate IoT solution development. VMware will combine its new IoT edge software, Liota, and device management capabilities with the ThingWorx rapid application enablement platform and analytics components, enabling a stronger combined offering that is scalable for companies that are building connected device management IoT solutions. By leveraging an offering that combines solutions from PTC and VMware, IoT solution builders stand to accelerate product development and achieve a faster time to market.

“ThingWorx is designed to be a platform that other companies want to create new IoT solutions with, by either building on top of it or in concert with it,” said Rob Gremley, president, Technology Platform Group, PTC. “This collaboration with VMware is a perfect example of how a company with a proven history in a technology offering – in this case, device management – can bolster its capabilities in new ways by pairing them with ThingWorx.”

“VMware sees considerable potential in the IoT space, and it was important for us to align with partners that would both complement and enhance our proven enterprise device management offerings as we extend our technology to manage, monitor and secure IoT use cases from edge to cloud,” said Bask Iyer, chief information officer and general manager, IoT, VMware. “Rapid application enablement and analytics are important components of the new connected offerings that we will extend to our customers, and we are thrilled to collaborate with companies like PTC to deliver these capabilities at scale.”

PTC and VMware’s collaboration reinforces the importance of industry partners in the IoT era. PTC’s ThingWorx partner program brings together companies to collaboratively address the challenges and opportunities that the Internet of Things presents. ThingWorx serves as the platform infrastructure and the data collection tool that enables companies to efficiently build solutions and offerings at scale that correspond to their industries and areas of expertise. ThingWorx allows for the rapid development of applications that correspond to connected solutions, enabling customers to reduce time to market and accelerate the path to business value.

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